Job Opportunities

Part-Time General Cleaners / $14.50/hr

General cleaners are responsible for calling in on a day to day basis to the District Manager for dispatching to appropriate building. General cleaners maintain the cleanliness of their designated buildings/areas by performing various cleaning duties.


  • Dust surfaces including desktops, cabinet tops, partitions, picture frames etc.
  • Empty wastebaskets and recyclables; transport to designated disposal area.
  • Sweep with broom, dust and/or wet mop hard surfaced floors.
  • Vacuum floors using upright vacuum and/or vac paks.
  • Spot clean carpet.
  • Clean glass areas.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, countertops, toilets, mirrors, floors, etc.
  • Replenish bathroom supplies.
  • Polish metalwork, such as fixtures and fittings.
  • Job duties may be modified at any time.
  • Other tasks may be assigned based on customer or management discretion.


  • General Cleaner experience preferred
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced work environment
  • Able to stand or walk during entire shift to accomplish tasks. Bend, lift, carry, reach/extend arms and hands above shoulder height frequently, or otherwise move in a constantly changing environment
  • Able to lift, carry, push, and pull 25lbs. frequently and up to 50lbs. occasionally

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Human Resource Department

How does the Human Resource Department at Modern Maintenance Building Services, Inc. play a strong role in ensuring the highest qualified candidate gets the job, and stays in the job? Here at Modern Maintenance Building Services, Inc. we follow steps to make sure new employees stay engaged and feel appreciated when working for our company.

To break it down:
Our Recruitment Strategy entails:
  • Posting open positions to local online Job Boards, and attending local Job Fairs
  • Conducting Phone Screens prior to interviewing the candidate. Making sure to focus the bulk of our time on the candidate that is best suited for the customer’s building hours and needs.
  • Then, following-up with a face-to-face interview at our Corporate New Berlin office.
Our Hiring Process entails:

After the candidate has successfully gone through the hiring process we continue with the Hiring Process:

  • Running every employee across the board through E-Verify to make sure they are eligible to work in the United States.
  • Criminal background checks.
  • Drug Screening is available per our customer’s request.
  • Requirement of at least two prior employment references

The right candidate for the job has been hired, now what? Modern Maintenance Building Services, Inc. wants each employee to feel important because each employee is an essential asset to our successful team. We set our employees up for success.

Our on-boarding process includes:
  • First-day training with the employee’s new, immediate supervisor
  • Our District Managers take the time to meet each new employee to welcome them aboard.
  • The supervisor completes training with the new employee that meets OSHA Standards. This includes:
    – Proper usage of equipment and procedures when working with Chemicals.
    – Proper lifting techniques
    – Proper Cleaning Techniques, as well as, cleaning techniques when coming in contact with Blood and Vomit.
  • Our policies, as well as building specific policies, procedures, and protocols are implemented and reviewed with each new employee and finally signed off on by the employee.
  • The second day after employment our human resource department conducts a follow-up phone call to see how the new employee’s first night on the job went. This allows us to gain knowledge about the interactions between employees, and supervisors to help retain employees.
  • On the second week of being employed with our company we have a 10-Day Review based on how the employees are making progress, and their feedback regarding their new job and their new Supervisor/Trainer.
  • Bi-weekly thereafter up to 90 days of employment.
  • Safety Training is once a year every year based on OSHA required standards.

Our goal in the end is to have optimal employee retention and satisfaction amongst the employees, management, and customers alike.

Modern Maintenance appreciates employees that go above and beyond through our Employee Recognition Program. Our Employee Recognition Program consists of an Employee Referral Bonus Program, Pride & Performance, and Perfect Attendance Recognition.

Our Employee Recognition Program gives our current employees the incentive to tell people they know about the kind of work our company does– Providing jobs for people who meet all of the criteria for the positions open.

Pride & Performance is done throughout Modern Maintenance Building Services, Inc. It was created to recognize the employees that go above, and beyond to exceed our expectations. One employee is rewarded Pride & Performance each month which is a nice incentive for employees who go above and beyond.

We also value our employees who have Perfect Attendance. Rewards and recognition are quarterly. Each person who is recognized has their name put in the company newsletter and then receives an award. Over fifty of our employees receive this recognition.